Cargo Carrier W/ramp 32W - To Load Snow Blowers, Equipment, Power Wheelchairs


Cargo Carrier W/ramp 32"W - To Load Snow Blowers, Equipment, Power Wheelchairs, and Scooters. Dimensions: 48" Long X 32" Wide


Cargo Carrier W/ramp 32
Price : $359.95

Customer Reviews

I just bought this specifically to carry a snow blower. I really like how light weight it is and how easy it is to move the ramp from closed position to open. All that is required is un hooking the pin on the one side.
I think the drawback to this carrier is it's length. Because of its shorter length one must load the snow blower onto the carrier by pulling it instead of pushing. As you can see in the picture the show blower is facing the ramp. This is because the length of the snow blower is longer than the carrier. To compensate, the handle must be on the opposite end of the ramp so it can extend beyond the carrier. This causes a problem in loading the snow blower. To load the snow blower you will end up stepping onto the carrier and pulling the snow blower as you walk backwards. This means both you and the snow blower are on the carrier at the same time. Now...most snow blowers are not very light. Mine was about 170 pounds which left the last 130 pounds for my body weight since the carrier only holds 300 pounds. Even though I had not exceeded the 300 pounds, I found the carrier seemed to sag quite a bit as I loaded the snow blower in which made me wonder if it might just break during the loading process. Not only that it is awkward trying to scoot yourself off the far end while pulling the snow blower up. It would have been much easier if I could have loaded the snow blower on by pushing it up the ramp.
It would have behooved me to measure the snow blower's length but it wasn't something I thought about before purchasing this carrier. I'm just hoping I don't gain weight...

Item Description

Aluminum Cargo Carrier with Ramp Model 432 ACCTG. Created in the USA This listing is for the carrier only. The price DOES NOT include things like the snowblower. This NEW high superior economical carrier is perfect for transporting heavy gear. You now have the ability to readily transport equipment or electric wheelchairs/scooters with a Sport Utility Car, or any other car that has a class 3 or class four trailer hitch. What an exceptionally secure operation when loading onto this low to the ground carrier, as opposed to loading gear into a high choose-up truck bed, or attempting to wrestle the gear into the back of a SUV (if there is room). With the built-in ramp the operation is fairly very simple. The ramp is bolted on and lays in the carrier when not in use. When essential lift the lightweight ramp and deploy it to the ground as it pivots on two bolts. Right after loading the equipment raise the ramp to an upright position and then hold it in location with a provided hitch pin and already installed bracket. This durable aluminum cargo carrier will not rust or ever need to have painting. Please note: something that goes into a receiver hitch will have a little play. What you can do to eliminate the play is to tie down the equipment to the bumper on the inside (side closest to automobile), and directly to the outside of the carrier at the opposite side (side furthest from the car). This cargo carrier comes completely assembled except the 2" square tube desires to be attached (It is detached to drastically minimize shipping charges).

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 48 x 32 x 6 inches ; 54 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 57 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
  • ASIN: B001ODSGD0
  • Item model number: 432-ACCTG
Cargo Carrier W/ramp 32

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Product Features

  • The 48" long x 32" wide carrier has a 2" x 3" x 3/16" thick angle frame. The carrier's expanded metal floor is reinforced with four - 1" x 1" square tubing.
  • The ramp is surfaced with anti-slip expanded metal and reinforced with seven 1" wide x 1-1/2" deep tubing. A wear plate is welded to the bottom of the ramp providing additional reinforcement.
  • 2" square tube (used for attaching to the vehicle) sticks out 8" from the frame and is received by a class 3 or class 4 trailer hitch.
  • Made in the USA - Lightweight all aluminum construction.
  • 300 lb. weight capacity (conservative)

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